Small Dairy and Creamery in Orange, Massachusetts for lease

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Small dairy and creamery in Orange Massachusetts for lease. Fully equipped for goat-milking and all aspects of cheesemaking. Milking room, Milkroom, Makeroom and packaging room, separate bloomy rind and pressed cheese aging spaces. Could include training in everything from pasture and dairy goat management (La Mancha herd on organically managed pasture; Gea Top-Flo bucket milking system, 15 and 30 gallon milk tanks) to milk handling and cheesemaking (100 liter Van’t Riet batch pasteurizer/cheese vat) from yogurt and kefir to bloomy rind and aged, pressed cheeses. Doing business as “The Little White Goat Dairy” we enjoyed many years of production of successful direct-to-consumer sales. We are not selling the facility, as it is part of our farm on conservation-restricted land that cannot be subdivided. This would be an excellent opportunity to learn skills and/or test recipes. If you are considering construction or purchasing/operation of a larger scale facility, you can test our design We are open to a long term arrangement for our dairy as well.
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