Complete Cheese House for Sale

41 days ago Less than a minute to read

Thistle Hill Farm, makers of Tarentaise, a multiple award-winning ACS alpine-style gruyere, has the following available: 
Swiss-made custom built water heated 800 liter copper vat, including stirring; 
Pre and final Micro Perf moulds and pile presses for each; 
Final moulds; 
Take out and finishing linen cloths; 
Milk pump with fittings and 100’ line; 
Lab equipment; 
Technical, scientific/academic papers and regulatory filings, (the Tarentaise Make Sheet is proprietary); 
Aging, cooling, climate-controlled aging w/ inoculated aging room boards; 
Complete redundancy on critical components; 
Customer lists; 
Limited consulting. 
Transfer possible under license, or maybe by the piece. 
Multiple pictures are available at the web site and Facebook. 
Located in North Pomfret, VT. 

Serious inquiries only. Contact John Putnam at or call 802-457-1884. 

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