Cheese Vat for Sale

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cheese vat hobo cheese

Custom made 500 liter cheese vat, fabricated by Ullmer’s Dairy in 2021. 
Heavy stainless steel construction, non-jacketed, manual tipping, kettle style. 
Vat is on a frame with casters. Accompanied by a lid, an immersion heating flag, a wall mount flag hanger, a thermometer hanger, and a curd harp (3/4″ cut). This is a simple, rustic design – vat must have supplemental heat for heating milk (hence the heating flag or you could use a propane burner) or could be used as a coagulation vat, etc. 
Pick up in Tunnel Hill, GA or we could discuss freight options if interested. 
Asking $6,500 

Contact for inquiries or more info. 

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