Statement on the Importance of Artisan, Farmstead, and Specialty Cheese

14 years ago Jasmine Romero Less than a minute to read

Consumers, retailers, chefs, and distributors benefit from access to a wide and varied selection of the
highest quality, American-made cheeses that are safe, delicious, healthy, and wholesome.

It is important to protect and preserve the right of cheesemakers of all sizes and business models to craft
safe, diverse, and delicious cheese based on the best production methods.

Dairy farmers deserve the right to make cheese from raw or pasteurized milk as a viable way to protect
their livelihood, support local economies, add diversity to the nation’s diet, and preserve long-standing
methods and traditions.

Artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses are part of a broader movement that focuses on sustainable
agricultural practices, farm-to-table distribution, informed food choices for consumers, and connecting
local producers with consumers.

The ACS Annual Judging & Competition proudly recognizes American cheesemakers’ efforts to produce
the highest-quality American cheeses made from American milk sources.

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