Comté Renews Sponsorship Fund for Certified Cheese Professional® Exam Candidates to Attend American Cheese Society Conference

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The Comté Cheese Association, which represents the Comté PDO in the U.S., is proud to announce the renewal of their three-year sponsorship of The Comté Association Conference Fund.

Administered by the American Cheese Education (ACE) Foundation, The Comté Association Conference Fund will be open to all applicants who have been accepted to take the Certified Cheese Professional® (CCP) exam at the American Cheese Society’s annual conference. The Fund covers travel expenses to the conference, registration, a 1-year ACS Membership, and taking the CCP Exam. The selection of the recipient is made by the ACS Scholarship Committee based on need.

“We are extremely happy that the Comté Cheese Association has generously renewed their commitment to this three-year sponsorship,” said Stephanie Ciano, ACE Foundation President. “This support means more cheesemongers will be able to experience all our annual conference has to offer,” added Tara Holmes, ACS Executive Director. “It will also help grow the number of individuals who possess a recognized set of skills and knowledge, which in turn contributes to the success of the cheese industry and greater consumer satisfaction.”

In addition, the Comté Association will continue its annual Comté Scholarship essay contest for all Certified Cheese Professionals® (ACS CCP®s). The winner is invited to participate in a trip to the Comté region of France free of charge and receives a $750 stipend. This competition was started at the beginning of the ACS CCP program10 years ago.

The Comté PDO organization values its long-standing relationship with the ACS and the ACE Foundation and believes this grant will help their efforts to advance cheese education and knowledge in the U.S.

 The next conference of the American Cheese Society will take place in Des Moines, July 18-21st.

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The Comté PDO organization, Comité Interprofessionnel de Gestion du Comté – was set up by decree on 11th June 1963. It represents all those who are involved in the production of Comté— dairy farmers, cheese-makers, affineurs—and carries out activities in all fields of interest to its members, including research and technical issues, economics, information and communications, marketing, law and promotion of the Comté appellation, defense of local traditions and protection of the environment.

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