American Cheese Society Establishes Headquarters in Denver

14 years ago Jasmine Romero 1 Minute(s) to read

(DENVER, CO. April 1, 2010) – The American Cheese Society (ACS) has completed
the successful transition of its operations from an outside association management
company to a newly formed, self-managed organization headquartered in Denver, CO.
The move is the outgrowth of ACS’s steadily increasing membership, financial stability,
and a three-year strategic plan set in motion by its forward-looking Board of Directors.

Association President, David Gremmels of Rogue Creamery, is confident that
ACS is moving in a positive direction. “ACS has reached a certain level of maturity,”
says Gremmels, “and we have built safeguards, resources, an organizational structure,
and strategic industry alliances that will propel us forward.” Gremmels and his fellow
board members will continue to keep an eye on progress to ensure smart growth with an
emphasis on outreach and serving ACS’s new and existing members.

“It is an exciting time to lead ACS,” says the association’s new Executive
Director, Nora Weiser. “The American cheese industry is in a time of unparalleled
growth in the production, distribution, and appreciation of artisanal and farmstead
cheeses,” says Weiser, “and this is coupled with increased consumer demand and interest
in locally produced foods and understanding how food reaches the dinner table.”

The Board of Directors and new ACS staff are currently focused on the
association’s Annual Conference and Competition scheduled for August 25 – 28, 2010 in
Seattle, WA. As part of the annual event, the public may purchase tickets to attend the
annual Festival of Cheese on Saturday, August 28. Held at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, the
Festival will feature some 1,400 competition cheeses

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