ACS Request for Corrections to The New York Times

7 years ago Jasmine Romero Less than a minute to read

In regards to your March 11, 2017 article, “Two People Die After Eating Raw Milk Cheese Made
in New York State”, we wish to request corrections of the following erroneous information
shared by the author.

1) The article’s assertion that “over half of the artisanal cheese made in the United States is
made from raw milk” does not match data from the American Cheese Society’s 2016
State of the U.S. Artisan/Specialty Cheese Industry survey which found that 38% of
artisan cheeses are made from raw milk.

2) Raw milk cheeses did not “emerge ten years ago.” Cheese production dates back at
least 6,000 years. Until the invention of pasteurization in the late 1800s all cheese was
made from raw milk. Science has clearly confirmed that biologic “hurdles” to the growth
of pathogenic bacteria (including proper fermentation, salting, and aging) are
incorporated naturally in a properly made raw milk cheese to enhance food safety.

We appreciate your swift attention to correcting these errors so NY Times readers have the
accurate facts.
Nora Weiser
Executive Director
American Cheese Society
2696 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 570
Denver, CO 80222
Tel: (720) 328-2788 x303
Fax: (720) 328-2786

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