ACS Releases 2012 Cheesemaker Industry Survey Data

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Denver, CO (February 1, 2013) — The American Cheese Society (ACS) has released its 2nd Annual
Cheesemaker Industry Survey Report based on data gathered from more than 200 artisan, farmstead,
and specialty cheesemakers in the United States and Canada.

This survey, the only one of its kind, is focused exclusively on artisan, farmstead, and specialty
producers. Data from the survey will play an integral role in ACS’s work to educate, promote, and
advocate for its members and the broader North American cheesemaking community. The survey report
includes data on food safety and regulatory matters, business practices and protocols, production
volume, budgeting and revenue, raw milk cheese production, and more.

“This annual survey offers important insight into the state of the North American cheese industry,” says
Greg O’Neill, ACS President. “In a period of tremendous growth within the artisan, specialty, and farmstead
cheese sectors, we recognize that producers are also facing significant regulatory change. ACS is
committed to gathering data that paints an accurate picture of the challenges and opportunities facing
cheesemakers today, so that we can better advocate on behalf of these producers and their businesses.”

ACS’s work on behalf of the industry includes recent outreach to FDA and state legislators in support of
artisan cheesemaking practices; the development of timely educational workshops for the 30th Annual
ACS Conference in Madison, Wisconsin; and an interactive webinar series that kicks off February 13 with
“Surviving a Recall”—featuring expert tips on preparing for, preventing, and surviving a cheese recall.

Click here to download a PDF of the 2012 ACS Cheesemaker Industry Survey Report. For more
information about the American Cheese Society, or to receive a copy of this report in a different format,
please contact Rebecca Sherman Orozco at 720-328-2788 x301 or 

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