ACS Publishes Official Comments on FDA/Health Canada Assessment of Risk of Listeriosis from Soft-Ripened Cheese Consumption in the U.S. and Canada

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Denver, CO (April 22, 2013) — The American Cheese Society (ACS) posted its official comments to the
United States Government’s Federal Register in response to Joint FDA/Health Canada Quantitative
Assessment of the Risk of Listeriosis from Soft-Ripened Cheese Consumption in the United States and
Canada: Draft Report. The comments were developed by the ACS Board of Directors in conjunction with
the ACS Regulatory & Academic Committee, after a thorough review of the draft report’s findings.

In its comments, ACS acknowledged the difficult task undertaken by FDA and Health Canada in
attempting to quantify the risk of listeriosis given the limited information available on the prevalence or
sources of cheese contamination. ACS offered a number of recommendations for the development of the
final report, centering on concerns with the analytical choices made by the report’s authors, as well as
with the presentation of conclusions. ACS also requested that additional, real-world industry research be
incorporated into the final report. Download ACS’s official comments.

ACS has asked that FDA inform industry stakeholders of how its final report may ultimately impact policy
and regulation, and to keep in mind that regulatory changes may inordinately impact small producers –
jeopardizing the very types of producers who are growing the economy through job creation and fueling
consumer desire for artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses. Updates on the risk assessment will be
shared with ACS members via emailed Member Alerts and the monthly CheeseBytes member newsletter.

Industry members are strongly encouraged to submit their own responses to the draft risk assessment
before the public comment period closes on April 29. To submit comments to the Federal Register, visit and search for docket # FDA-2012-N-1182.

To learn more about ACS’s official comments, contact Rebecca Sherman Orozco at 720-328-2788.

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