ACS Launches The Safe Cheesemaking Hub

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Denver, CO (March 10, 2017) – The American Cheese Society (ACS) has launched a new website, The Safe
Cheesemaking Hub, dedicated to providing an easily searchable compendium of vetted food safety resources for
cheesemakers. The website,, serves as a “one-stop shop” for the valuable resources,
research, training, and tools artisan cheesemakers need to enhance their food safety practices.

This mobile-optimized website offers information and resources organized under the following categories:

  • Online and Print Resources: online education, food
    safety publications and websites, FSMA information,
    government resources, searchable “virtual library”
  • Regional Support and Education: regional courses and
    workshops, extension programs, directories of state
    regulatory agencies and cheese guilds
  • Food Safety News and Updates: RSS feeds providing
    current information on food safety, links to industry
    publications, recall information, industry statistics
  • Templates and Forms: Preventive Controls and
    HACCP Plan templates, FDA forms, crisis
    preparedness and response plans, dairy plant and
    supply chain resources
  • FAQs: answers to frequently asked questions about
    safe cheesemaking, with the opportunity to submit
    additional questions to ACS’s team of experts
  • Spanish Language Resources: links to online
    resources available in Spanish

The Safe Cheesemaking Hub grew out of industry needs
identified by a broad consortium of dairy and cheese industry
stakeholders. Nora Weiser, ACS Executive Director, says “with
so many resources out there, it is a full-time job for cheesemakers just to locate and vet food safety information. A
tool like The Safe Cheesemaking Hub allows them to quickly find what they need, gather information on a specific
issue, get answers, and move forward with their passion – making delicious, wholesome cheeses.”

The site is designed as a resource for all cheesemakers, particularly small- to mid-sized artisan, farmstead, and
specialty producers. It is freely accessible to all, and is not exclusively available for ACS members. “This site
includes a wealth of information to which all cheesemakers should have access,” says ACS President, Jeff Jirik of
Swiss Valley Farms. “ACS’s mission is to educate, and this new site is just one more valuable tool in that arsenal.”

Learn more about this new website by visiting

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