ACS and Cherney Form Partnership to Offer Discounted, Streamlined Testing Services to ACS Members

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Denver, CO & Green Bay, WI (April 6, 2018) – The American Cheese Society (ACS) and
Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. (Cherney), are delighted to announce their new
partnership to provide discounted testing to members of ACS. With the goal of enhancing
cheese quality and safety by providing cost-effective solutions to ACS members, the partnership
provides education, discounted services, simplified testing packages, and technical support.

This program grew from the need to provide support for artisan, farmstead, and specialty
cheese manufacturers. With new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations and
impending deadlines for compliance, this partnership helps provide producers with access to
needed resources at reduced costs.

Cherney’s almost 30-year history as a food safety testing provider within the dairy (specifically
cheese) industry aligned seamlessly with ACS’s 35-year history of serving the cheese
community through its focused mission and core values. “We listened to our members,” says
ACS Executive Director, Nora Weiser, “and Cherney listened to us. Our members were looking
for a simplified, cost-effective way to enhance the quality and safety of their products while
ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.” Knowing the struggle that small- to mid-size
producers face, ACS and Cherney worked together with input from industry stakeholders to
develop a streamlined “start to finish” testing program. Packages that address minimum testing
requirements to enhance safety and compliance are important for encouraging participation in
the program. All-inclusive packages are designed for ease of use, rapid results, consistent
budget planning, and overall compliance. Providing members with additional support such as
customized training, auditing, and consultation from Cherney’s trusted Technical Support Team
extends the value of this partnership.

“At Cherney, we understand that there is a growing trend for locally-sourced food produced in
smaller batches in the United States. While this trend has clear advantages to the consumer, it
also creates challenges when it comes to food safety and regulatory compliance for the
producer,” stated Stephen Kuchenberg, Cherney’s Chief Operating Officer. “Cherney is proud to
partner with a great organization such as ACS to help their members succeed and meet the
growing demand for their products. All in all, we see this as a great opportunity to drive food
safety forward through a collaborative approach.”

ACS member organizations who participate in the program can easily save enough money
through available discounts to offset their annual dues. In addition to award-winning resources,
like ACS’s Safe Cheesemaking Hub, and industry standard-setting publications such as the
ACS Best Practices Guide for Cheesemakers and newly released ACS Cheese & Dairy Product
Lexicon and Glossary, partnerships such as this one with Cherney continue to enhance industry

Organizations interested in learning more about this partnership can contact Cherney at 920-
406-8300 or Organizations interested in joining ACS or
renewing their ACS membership can visit or call 720-328-2788.

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