200 Gallon Cheese Vat/Vat Pasteurizer for Sale

48 days ago Less than a minute to read
duo vat 1 1 225x300

200-gallon Duo Vat Cheese Vat model DV 200, all stainless steel with steam injection hot water heating jacket. Includes milk stirring agitator with stainless steel swivel post, stainless steel removable covers, 1.5″ outlet, vat outlet strainer, cheese curd rake, and back-up circulating motor. Fully inspected by NYS Ag & Markets for legal pasteurization until replaced by larger vat last year. Leak detect valve needs to be machined to smooth out groves, or possibly replaced. Does not include thermometers or chart recorder. Approximate dimensions 78″ long x 46″ wide x 20″ deep. 

Asking $13,000. Will load onto truck/trailer for local pick-up, or freight if buyer coordinates shipping. 

Contact Ashlee at 518-645-2697 or info@northcountrycreamery.com. 

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