Cheese Business for Sale

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Samish Bay Cheese is for sale after 26 years as an organic farmstead dairy producing cheeses and other dairy products: 
Fresh cheeses, including unique and award winning Ladysmith and Vache as well as Mozzarella, & Feta 
Aged cheeses, including Goudas and Cheddars, plain and flavored, with a substantial inventory of four year and older plus some over 10 years old 
Whole milk, cream on top, yogurt in glass jars and bulk; Greek yogurt in glass and bulk; Labneh; and Kefir. 
Having grown steadily for years in the greater Puget Sound region, Samish Bay Cheese is poised to double their cheese production over the coming year by partnering with another local organic dairy to supply milk. 
Included in the business sale are 54 organic acres, newer 3,000 ft. cheese production facility, multiple barns, retail shop, solar energy, equipment, livestock, farmhouse with attached apartment & more. 
Located in Bow, Washington.

Click here for listing details and virtual tours. 
Click here for a digital flyer and video.

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