Cheese Vat & Cop Tank For Sale

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MicroDairy Vat Pasteurizer
100 gallon MicroDairy Vat Pasteurizer (2016). Click HERE for description and additional photos. 42″ tall x 49″ wide. PMO certified. Jacketed, heavy stainless steel construction, hexagonal shape on a frame with casters. Basic hose connection to fill the jacket, plus 3 heating elements work quickly to get to pasteurization temp. Hydraulic tilt tips the vat for washing (no drain valve). Airspace heater needs maintenance, otherwise in great shape. Includes pasteurizer control unit, lids and airspace heater and thermometers. $9,500.

Qualtech COP Wash Tank for Sale
150 gallon Qualtech COP wash tank (2011). See this link ( for description and additional photos. 45″ tall, 32″ deep, 80″ long. Jacketed, jet-wash system with circulation pump, filter, lids and drain valve. $8,500.

Located in Oley, PA. Regional delivery available.

Contact for inquiries or more information.

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