DZTE Cheese & Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Join France 44 in supporting the next generation of cheese educators and researchers! We're hosting an evening of casual grazing and imbibing in support of Daphne Zepos' lifework in collaboration with DZTE and David Lockwood of Neal's Yard Dairy. Daphne Zepos is one of the most beloved names in the cheese world and has without a doubt influenced the cheese you enjoy through her outspokenness, insight, and advocacy for traditional cheese here in the US and around the world. Indeed, many of the products and people of the France 44 Cheese Shop have been affected by Daphne's work, and her reputation continues to speak for itself through the generations of cheese mongers, makers, and professionals she has impressed herself upon. The Daphne Zepos Teaching Endowment was formed in 2012, the same year that Daphne Zepos passed away, to provide scholarships for cheese professionals' efforts in research and teaching about the history, culture, and techniques of making, aging, and selling cheese. They are supported by fundraising through their board of directors, and by individual efforts from cheese makers, retail shops and restaurants, teachers, other non-profits and organizations, and cheese enthusiasts around the world -- including the France 44 Cheese Shop. We are honored to be a part of Daphne's legacy and invite you to join us in upholding her mission. Sampling tables will be set up throughout the Event Space with cheese and wine pairings. A silent auction will also be featured. 100% of proceeds from ticket sales, silent auction bids, and individual contributions will go directly to DZTE. Only individual contributions made on the DZTE website are tax deductible.

Event Details

Date: Sun, May. 14, 2023

Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Cost: $40

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