Webinar -- Industrial Cybersecurity: How to Get Started and Why it Matters to Food & Beverage Producers

Food and beverage production is a rapidly changing industry, incorporating increased automation, centralized Manufacturing Intelligence (MI), and interdependent supply chains. This and the complexities of these networked systems serves to amplify cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, creating risks to production and food safety. Executive leadership is gaining awareness of these emerging and often underrecognized cyber-attack vectors since they represent potential financial losses, liability issues, or theft of corporate IP. This webinar provides an introduction in assessing your industrial network and the maturity of your cybersecurity efforts. This webinar is hosted by the Food Processing Suppliers Association and moderated by Matthew Hartman, Senior Automation Sales Engineer at Blentech Corporation in Santa Rosa, California. Matthew graduated in 1989 with his BSEE, Professional Engineer 2001 and MBA 2003.

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Date: Thu, Jun. 20, 2019

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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