October Cheeses of the Month at Shoprite

Tasting and sales of various cheeses at ShopRite of Clinton, NJ (50 WALMART PLAZA, CLINTON, NJ 08809). Cheeseboard OCTOBER 2018 FALL INTO GREAT TASTE! ShopRite Norwegian Swiss The perfect Swiss cheese for snacking. Creamy and buttery with a rich sweet finish, this cheese is as approachable as it is versatile. Enjoy on its own, paired simply with apples and grapes for an afternoon snack or dessert. Match with cured meats for a memorable appetizer, or melt on ham sandwiches or burgers for an easy and delicious lunch or dinner. Mont Chevre Goat logs Master cheese-maker Jean Rossard has established a perfectly balanced recipe for Montchevré’s fresh goat cheese logs, and each is made with full respect for traditional French cheese making techniques. Once the prime quality milk has been collected from our network of independent family farms, it is slowly drained and folded with high-quality ingredients to ensure the rich and smooth texture that chefs and consumers know and love. Our award-winning, fresh goat cheese logs come in many fun and delicious flavors that are sure to be a perfect addition to a variety of your favorite meals. Cello Copper Kettle Parmesan The USA’s answer to Italian royalty. Traditional method of using the freshest milk possible coupled with the old school approach of copper kettle’s and ageing of 16 months creates a masterpiece with fruity and nutty notes for an almost caramel like eating experience. Il de France Brie and Normandie Camembert Coated in a delicate ivory rind, this soft, creamy cheese gives off a rustic feel through its unique woody flavor. Beecher’s No Woman Ready for retail, this Jersey cow’s milk cheese is spiced with Jamaican Jerk seasoning, giving it a very savory, complex, smoky flavor. Great melted over shaved pork or sliced turkey sandwiches; equally good on its own served with roasted almonds. Old Chatham Nancy’s Camembert Here is 2 pounds of pure decadence and velvet. A combination of cow and sheep’s milk, Nancy’s Camembert is a Hudson Valley classic. It’s lush and buttery with beautiful white surface mold and a sweet, mushroom-like flavor. Joan Of Arc Mini Toasts Joan of Arc® Mini Toast provides a tasty, crisp companion to just about any cheese (especially brie). Whether served as part of an appetizer or simply enjoyed as a mid-day munchies with cheese, these tiny pieces of toast are sure to be a hit!

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