Artisan Cheesemakers Winter Conferece

This virtual/online event is designed to provide exposure to new ideas and educational experiences for artisan cheesemakers – to help them advance their cheesemaking and business practices, as well as our industry as a whole. While our content focuses on information to support professional cheesemakers, attendance is open to all, including other cheese industry professionals, amateur cheesemakers, the general public, and anyone who wants to dive more deeply into the world of cheese. We encourage anyone curious and interested to explore our schedule and speaker lineup: Robert Aguilera, FCE Account Manager/Cheese Educator (CHR Hansen) Dr. Hannah Davis Lecturer, Ruminant Nutrition (Newcastle University) Jennifer Kast, Cheesemaker (Bwlchwernen Fawr/Holden Dairy Farm) Harold McGee, Food Writer/Lecturer (Author of “Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World’s Smells”) Dr. Moshe Rosenberg, Professor (Department of Food Science & Technology, University of California, Davis) Brian Schlatter, Northeast Rep & Resident Cheese Expert (Fromagex)

Event Details

Date: Fri, Feb. 18, 2022

Time: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM


  • Vermont Cheese Council


  • Online

Cost: $60, with a discount for members of regional guilds

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